23 Nigerians on death-row in Saudi Arabia


Twenty-three Nigerians are on the death row in Saudi Arabia. They may be beheaded any time from now, The Nation has learnt.

Besides, 11 are serving various jail terms for drug trafficking in the kingdom.

Another suspected trafficker is awaiting trial.

The 23 death row inmates could not be named for “diplomatic and sensitivity” reasons.


Unless President Muhammadu Buhari intervenes, the death toll could be higher, a source said.

The “late” response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a memo from the Nigerian Consul-General, Amb. M. S. Yunusa, is believed to have contributed to the execution of a Nigerian woman, Kudirat Adeshola Afolabi about two weeks ago.

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It was learnt that the ministry had been “diplomatically slow” in responding to issues connected with Nigerians.

No ministry official was willing to comment on the allegation yesterday.

Meanwhile, the following drug traffickers are serving various jail terms:

Halimat Oyebanjo Oyaya 10yrs
Sherifat Shawni 4 yrs
Limata Ahmad 10yrs
Halimat Isah 5yrs
Olubumi Adejarani Olaniyan 10yrs
Omobolanle Funke 15yrs
Nuratu Bolanle Yusuf 15yrs
Maryam Ibrahim Tanko 7yrs
Rahma Abdulkarim 20yrs
Nuratu Yusuf Abike 20yrs
Bolaji Kehinde 10yrs