Actress Toyin Abraham Speaks On Her Kind Of Man


If there is one thing actress Toyin Abraham (formerly Toyin Aimakhu) has been unlucky with, it’s her love life.

34-year old Nigerian film actress, filmmaker, director and producer, Toyin Abraham has revealed she isn’t necessarily interested in dating a perfect man.

The Edo native who is popular in the Yoruba sector of the local film industry, Nollywood emphasized on honesty. She made the revelation via a social media post which has gone viral. In her words:

“It’s funny when you get hurt or abused so much, you can finally say I’m used to it.

“I don’t want a perfect friend/man. I want an honest friend/man”

Toyin separated from her ex-husband, Adeniji Johnson in 2015 and since then she has been expressly unable find the right man to walk down the aisle with.

Her ex-boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe, whom she had a brief relationship with after the crashing of her marriage, is presently languishing behind prison bars over allegations of theft and habitual financial fraud.



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