Curvy Actress, Anita Joseph Slays In Short Transparent Black Dress (Photos)


Beautiful Nollywood actress Anita Joseph in a short clip posted recently looks radiant in short mini transparent black gown as she addresses her haters.

Anita Joseph has returned to Nigeria after holidaying in the United States of America. According to her, she has been struggling to cope with the harsh weather conditions in Nigeria.

The 33-year old mother of one has promised to show her haters ‘peppper’ in the fun video clip she posted. Anita rocked a very transparent and short gown which struggled to expose her laps.

This has been rapidly increasing interactions on her Instagram page as well as growing it.

Anita Joseph was once invited by an American to take part in an adult movie which she abruptly turned down. She remains one of the most physically endowed women in the Nigerian film industry.

Watch the video below:



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