I didn’t take permission from my wife before playing my divorce prank – Seyi Law


Comedian and actor, Seyi Law recently caused a stir on social media when he posted a message stating that he and his wife had gone their separate ways.

In a chat with Punch, Seyi Law noted that after the prank, ladies, about 50 of them, did not wait for the dust to settle before wooing him with text messages.

According to him: “I was going to the UK to visit my wife and promote my show as well. While I was on the plane, I just had that weird idea. I was curious about what people’s reaction would be if they heard that Seyi Law was no longer married. I knew that if I was going to test it, I had to be sarcastic and witty about it.

“That was why I put some words in a way that people would not pay attention to (what I was doing). Apparently, they didn’t pay attention to the details; I tried to play with words in that post. Interestingly, the incident showed me that people love and appreciate my family; I also learnt that bad news travels faster (than good news).

“I thank God for a good and understanding wife; I didn’t take permission from her before playing that prank. When she saw it, she couldn’t reach me because I was still on the plane. People had been calling her repeatedly. Also, when I landed, my phone rang repeatedly. I called her to explain things to her immediately we saw each other.

“She said I should have carried her along because she didn’t know what to tell people when they called her. My wife is my number one critic; that is the beautiful thing about my marriage,” he said.



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