Zamfara: Nigerian Army Kills Many Bandits, Arrests Others


Several armed bandits were reportedly killed after the Nigerian army launched an offensive in Tsanu community in Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

Concise News reports that residents say the soldiers came around 1 p.m. on Sunday, heavily armed, and reportedly cordoned the entry and exit points of the community before they began the operation.

“While some soldiers were manned at the entry and exit point of the community, some entered the community’s market square, targeting armed bandits who were walking freely with arms. They killed many, while others threw their rifles and fled.

“I cannot say exactly the number of armed bandits killed, but many of them were killed and others fled with bullets wounds. When the soldiers came, the bandits were easily identifiable because they were walking around clutching weapons,” a resident of the community, who requested not to be named, divulges.

According to him, “We saw four armed bandits that were arrested. One of them is a chemist in the community who was allegedly providing medication for the armed bandits.”

A spokesperson for the military in Zamfara, Clement Abiade, a major, confirms the report. However, he states that the operation is still ongoing and information, for now, is sketchy. He says it will not be justifiable to make further comments, for now.

On Saturday, suspected armed bandits infiltrated Jaja, Rukudawa, Tsanu communities in Zurmi Local Government Area, walking freely, unchallenged, a report said.

The armed bandits were said to be on the run after the military began airstrikes in many of their hideouts in the bush. They were accommodated out of fear by some members of the communities.



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