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16 Nigerian Ladies Share Their Worst Experiences Dating Married Men

16 Nigerian Ladies Share Their Worst Experiences Dating Married Men

Have you ever questioned why you rarely see single women dating married men? The explanation is not entirely unbelievable. Each person has a different set of reasons for why so many women yearn for things they are unable to maintain.

Are you dating, or are you thinking about dating, a married man?

You probably don’t need me to tell you that getting involved in someone else’s marriage is a difficult scenario.

Although the choice is ultimately up to you, there are a few things you should know before dating a married man.

Some of these truths might not be pleasant to hear, but they could prevent you from experiencing grief in the future.

However, the experience listed below are some of the worst experience shared by Nigerian ladies dating married men.

Nigerian Ladies Experiences Dating Married Men

Jane, 28

My married boyfriend lives in the UK with his family, he only comes to Nigeria once in 3 months to attend to his business and spend a week with me. He was stuck with me during the lockdown and I saw hell. I was never used to cooking but he demanded that I cook three times daily.

I spent most of my days watching how to make different Yoruba meals on YouTube. I make efo every day because that’s his favorite and it has to be freshly cooked.

That was still bearable until I realized how d!rty he was. He would neither bath nor bru$h his teeth until I beg him to. He doesn’t change boxers at all, he would say it’s not like panties for females and you can wear one several times. Most of the time he uses the toilet, I end up flushing it for him. I hated that I didn’t notice any of those before. The day he left my place was my happiest day on earth because I was tired. His wife must be a hero.

Priscilla, 26

I had just moved to a new estate where my married boyfriend stays. He rented the apartment for me because he wanted me to stay close to him. After a few weeks, I met a lady at the gym, she was a very cute married woman and I liked her vibes.

We exchanged numbers and became friends. It was his birthday and the lady posted him on her WhatsApp status as her husband, e shock me!

Two other girls in my compound posted him too as their boyfriends. I later found out that he owns the house he claimed to have rented for me and he just puts all his girlfriends there, it was so coded that I never saw him enter the compound before unless he came for me.

I confronted him and he said I should mind my business or move out of his house. I’m still busy minding my business.

Nana, 25

I accepted to date him because he said he wasn’t happy in his marriage and he needed me to bring him joy. He added that sex with his wife was so boring and he wouldn’t mind exploring it with me.

I thought I’d die the first time I had sex with this man, we kept having sex back-to-back and he didn’t seem to be tired.

This went on and on for four months, we meet up for sex 3 times a week and we spend hours doing it each time, it wasn’t an easy experience for me. I didn’t get a dime from him because he never gave me and I was too shy to ask.

I waited till the 6th month to see if there would be any changes. It didn’t happen so I broke up with him, because it started looking as if he was just using me.

Fathia, 28

I had dated him for 3 good years without knowing he was married. He lives in Abeokuta and I live in Lagos so most of the time, he comes down to Lagos to visit me.

I found his home address in one of the documents he kept at my place and I thought giving him a surprise visit would be perfect on his birthday. I hired a surprise company because I wanted the day to be special for him.

The gateman didn’t even hesitate to open the gate for us because he knew we wanted to surprise him.

As soon as the trumpet blew, one short dark woman came out and was looking surprised and grumpy. She went back inside and came back with her husband (my boyfriend) and 4 children, his last born were twins.

I didn’t even know when I collapsed after seeing them. I woke up to meet myself drenched in water and being blown air by the ‘surprise’ people. They said he told them to carry me out after I collapsed and that we must have missed the road because he doesn’t know me.

Gift, 30

My boyfriend texted me one day that he needed N500k urgently which I didn’t hesitate to send to him because whenever he borrows from me, he adds to it when paying back.

I found it weird when he said he wanted it in his wife’s account, he explained why and I sent it. He told me to meet him at a restaurant later that evening. I was about to step out of my car when a woman came out of nowhere and rushed me with slaps at the car park.

I thought it was rapture! It took me about 5 minutes to regain my sight and saw that it was the man’s wife. I tried fighting back but she and her friend overpowered me. Remember that she had tricked me to send her money as well.

I called my boyfriend but he just said sorry and advised me not to call the police because she’s a top police officer. If only she knew that “what God has joined together, she cannot put asunder”. Na me go still help her use that her husband old.

Olivia, 30

I was dating a married man that I met from work and my boyfriend knew about it, the plan was to get some money from him but things went south after I got pregnant.

The married man wanted me to ab*rt because he doesn’t want a child out of wedlock. My boyfriend said I should keep it because he thought he was the only one having sex with me then, I was also confused because I didn’t know to whom the pregnancy belonged.

I wasn’t going to ab*rt because it is a taboo in my family. I confessed to my boyfriend that I had sex with the man and he stopped talking to me, the married man also blocked me everywhere after I insisted that I didn’t want to abort. I ended up losing the pregnancy and lost my boyfriend of 4 years too.

Lydia, 26

He found out that I was seeing another guy and was sweating profusely telling me I broke his heart. I got confused because I kept wondering if I wasn’t supposed to have my own family. The next day at exactly 6:12 am, he texted me that he was at my door which was surprising because it has never happened before.

We talked about the whole boyfriend issue, he kept saying I can’t cheat on him and I also insisted that I am trying to build a family too since he doesn’t plan to marry me. He made a call and I heard “you guys can come in”, omo! That’s how 2 guys entered and told me to start packing my load, ah! Are we going on baecation?

I didn’t want to but I was threat£ned with guns. They waited while packed all my stuff and he said, “if you want to be f*cking another guy, it can never be in the house I paid for, since the only thing you brought here are your clothes, pack them and go.” Omo! Fear catch me.

So this is what I get after dating you for 3 years? The agent of the house appeared and gave me a document to sign so I don’t return to that house. My family in Mushin saw me with my load that morning, they think sey na my ghost.

Vicky, 25

Young guys have shown me pepper, so I decided to date an older guy, he was married with two kids. I didn’t know how broke he was until we started dating. He never gave me money willingly so I decided to ask him for money one day.

He sent the money 5 days later after telling me different stories every day. Guess what! This man sent me N3,150. Ahhhh! For what?! Is it for eba?!

He said he added the N150 so I could take bike of N50 and withdraw with POS for N100. One day, I told him I needed N200k to add to my house rent, he said where do I expect him to see it, that even his wife dare not ask him for N20k at once not to talk of N200k. He said the only amount he could afford to help me add to the house rent was Niok, made him send the Niok before I blocked him everywhere.

Sade, 25

I dated my married boyfriend for good 3 months and everything was going on well until one faithful day when he went to the mall to get some groceries for me.

I was watching K-drama and my Earpods were plugged into my ears. I didn’t know he was at the door, he had knocked and called my other phone for over an hour but I didn’t know.

Eventually, I opened the door and the next thing I received was a d!rty slap. I thought the slap was sent down from hell because I didn’t believe my eyes.

I held him by his collar and he punch£d my left shoulder and then pushed me away. He angrily packed his other belongings and left. I stopped talking to him ever since then. Blo*dy woman b£ater!

Oyinda, 31

I had been dating my boyfriend since 2018, we had issues in 2019 and we had to separate. I met this married man 2 months later and we started going out. We had sex a couple of times and I fell totally in love with him, I could never be happier. I and this married man promised to stick together no matter what.

In 2020, my then-boyfriend came back and begged me that he was ready to make things right and that he would ensure that we never break up again. I took him back but I was still seeing my married boyfriend, not frequently though.

My boyfriend finally proposed to me last year, I never saw it coming. I told my married boyfriend and he said he was indifferent about it since we will always stick together.

It was during the introduction I ended up finding out that my married boyfriend was my fiancée’s friend’s elder brother. My fiancée found out about it and ended the relationship. I lost them both.

Lolade, 27

I have never seen an old man cry until the day my married boyfriend watched a match at my apartment.

I was cooking in the kitchen and I was hearing him make different sounds, you know how anxious some men can be when watching football nah, and how angry they sound when their team is losing. He was moody after they had beaten Man U 4-0.

I sat in front of him and was making funny faces, that’s how Oga suddenly burst into tears. I know this sounds petty but honestly, this man was shedding real tears.

I was just laughing and rolling on the floor because | didn’t even know how to react. Omo! E shock me! I still can’t wrap my head around that sh!t till today. Men, naso e dey do una?!

Tima, 28

I enjoyed every bit of dating my married boyfriend until got pregnant. He was there for me for the first few months until he later cut all communication with me when I was 3 months gone.

One day, I decided to go to his house, a friend who knows the place took me there. I got there and saw that he was completely the opposite of who I thought he was.

He lives in a rented apartment with two wives and 5 children. He doesn’t own a single car, I figured he borrowed cars to come to see me, and sometimes we just order Uber.

When he saw me, he dragged me to one side and gave me Niok. He told me to go and never come back again. I took the risk of aborting my pregnancy and moved on.

Jessica, 26

My married boyfriend faked his death because I asked him for N50k. This happened towards the end of last year, I needed the money for my final year week costumes which he promised to give me.

I kept calling but he wouldn’t pick up, I dropped him a lot of messages but I was left on read. One day, I got a message that the owner of the phone died 2 weeks ago.

I didn’t even bother to reply before I blocked the number and went on IG to unsend some of the messages I sent him there. Early this year, I stumbled upon his IG page and saw his posts, I didn’t even know if I should laugh or cry.

He is alive in good health. I messaged him and he didn’t reply until July, he begged me and we got back together last month.

Debby, 24

The day my two boyfriends (one is married) clashed at my place, hell was cut loose. It was on a Saturday morning, and my boyfriend (25y/o) had passed the night at my place when my married boyfriend (37y/o) arrived. I was very surprised to see him because he doesn’t visit without telling me.

I told him I had a visitor but he ignored me and entered the sitting room and sat on the couch. My boyfriend who was just waking up came out and said, “who the fuck is this?”, my married boyfriend got angry and threw one of his shoes at him.

That’s how they started fighting and destroying things in my house. This man beat my boyfriend (25) no be small, he was drenched in blood with swollen lips. This man was also wounded but it was small.

I was just crying at one corner begging them to stop. The married man stopped calling me and I begged my boyfriend (25) to forgive me. We are still together 4 months later.

Lydia, 26

I followed my married boyfriend to his friend’s office one day, I didn’t see any friend though. Before we left the hotel for the place, he asked me to write my full name, phone number, and address on a clean sheet. 5

months later, a strange number called me and I started hearing plenty of English, they said I am the guarantor of a loan of N1.5m and the borrower hasn’t paid since the past 3 months. The thing first shock me, I just told them it wasn’t me and switched my phone off that evening.

The following morning, they were at my door, that was when I knew what was actually going on.

I told them to call him because I stopped talking to him and I don’t know where he lives. They said they called me because they couldn’t reach him and I need to provide him.

They gave me some time that if he doesn’t pay, I’ll have to start paying. I just told them I’ll get him and reach out to them. Since I couldn’t reach him, I blocked all their contacts.

They came 3 months later with the police, I only paid N200k out of it before I left the apartment and cut them off everywhere.

Halima, 27

I met him on Instagram during the lockdown, he told me we could date because he has been separated for some time. We finally met physically in 2021 and went out a couple of times.

I later found out he was married but I couldn’t end the relationship because I was so attached to him. The day my eyes cleared was the first time we wanted to have sex.

I was looking for this man’s penis, but I couldn’t find it. It was so small that I had to ask if it was still flaccid.

That’s how I unleashed my madness and didn’t allow him to touch me, why will Tallow him touch me with that thing in between his legs that he’s calling penis? I mean, how do you cheat with this kind of penis? Small yansh dey shake!

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