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2023 Presidential Election: The deciding factors

As we approach the 2023 presidential election, it is expedient and informative to identify the key factors that would determine who gets the majority of the electorate votes and so becomes elected. This majority choice will invariably be seen as the will and choice of God –“Vox populi, vox Dei”, which in Latin means “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. The deciding factors of the majority voice of the people will be categorised into ; track record of achievements of the candidates and the will of God. The two categories are interwoven, in the sense that the ability to make the right choice of a candidate based on the track record of hisachievements depends on how well one aligned oneself with God’s purposeby applying God given wisdom and intellect to make an informed and rational judgement.

Now some persons who have been disobeying God, by not supporting and praying for their current president, are using the same mouth with which they cursed and abused him to pray to God to give them a new and better president. Some who denounced their country, castigating and calling it a “zoo” country are now campaigning for their preferred candidate to become the president in a “zoo” country.

In their toxic manner, they go to the extent of personally and rudely attacking those whose choices are different from theirs. They erroneously talk about “Obidience” when they shun the real obedience to God on their previous leaders and actions.

Somewrongfully talk about “Atikulate” instead of rightfully being articulate to know that it will be inarticulate and disastrous to ask that the same PDP government that looted and impoverished our economy should come back to power.

Some, however, who are Nigerians in the real sense of the word fear and obey God by being patriotic in supporting the current president, praying for him to succeed, without cursing and abusing him. They also respect the elders as custodians of wisdom and experience, recognising the fact that the old as well as the young have a right to govern a nation.This group of persons also prays to God for a new leader, come 2023.

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The United States of America, from where we copied our democracy, recognises the right of the young as well as the old, to seek elective positions and so, they do not insult or abuse the older people seeking to govern their country. Rights of every one are respected irrespective of age. They are more inclined to doing the will of God than defiantly going against Him in their actions in contrast to what some do in Nigeria.

They not only recognise the fact that God does not discriminate against the aged or the young when He wants to enthrone a leader, they also recognise that wisdom and experience are endowed more with the aged than with the young. Hence you see them thriving in prosperity that till date, it is the most powerful and most developed country in the world, no wonder it is called ” God’s own country”.

They and the other advanced democracies of the world will be laughing at us making an issue with what is not. Yes, we make ourselves a laughing stock when we place emphasis on age and religion, instead of competence, intelligence, experience and wisdom.

Talking about competence, experience , wisdom and intelligence, there is no one among all the presidential contestants that can match Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as can be attested to by his numerous achievements when he was the Governor of Lagos State. He laid the foundation for modern Lagos that till date, the state remains in reality, the centre of excellence.

The Economic Summit that is now a global tool for development was first started by Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He initiated the much talked about Treasury Single Account (TSA) in Lagos State, which was later adopted by the federal government. Tinubu was the first to start the ‘Independent Power Project’ to improve power supply.

Tinubu was the first to promote digitalisation of Lagos tax system to boost Internal revenue for the state, which made the federal government to hire the then Chairman of Lagos State Internal Revenue Services, Babatunde Fowler. As governor, he created more local government councils from the existing ones to bring development to the grassroots, which many states have copied.

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Under his administration as Lagos State Governor, Tinubu motivated students and pupils to study harder and started the idea of appointing pupils who excelled academically as ‘One Day Governor’. He brought telecommunications firm, Econet (now Airtel), to Nigeria in 2001.

Tinubu established the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) for the purpose of keeping Lagos clean as well as creating employment. He also established the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), which other states have since copied to control traffic on their roads.

Tinubu initiated and came up with the blueprint for the construction of the Eko Atlantic City, which when fully completed would become another wonder of the world. The Lekki free zone which is now the cynosure of industrial eyes which boasts of one the largest refineries in the world was initiated by Tinubu.

All these and many more achievements not mentioned are in the public domain.

He bequeathed to Lagosians as his successors, such great and quality personalities in Babatunde Raji Fashola, Akinwunmi Ambode and Babajide Sanwo-Olu who we all know were and are excellent performers in their own rights as Governors of Lagos State. He also bequeathed to Nigerians Professor Yomi Osinbajo an excellent gentle man who has been discharging his duties as Vice President meritoriously. No need to ask you to verify because the records are open and public knowledge.

The beginning of the fall of a president is choosing the wrong team to work with. You and I know that in choosing the right team to work with, no one among the presidential candidates matches Bola Tinubu.

This is a man who is gifted with the art of selecting the right people to work with , even if it means going outside the circle. He displayed this attribute by going outside Lagos State to select some of his cabinet members, which cut across ethnic and religious boundaries when he was the Governor of Lagos State.

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For 2023 Presidency, he has demonstrated this attribute by selecting as his running mate, a like-minded man in the person of Kashim Shettima, who not only has track records of excellent performance as the former Governor of Borno State, but also bequeathed to Borno people, Prof Babagana Zulum who is unarguably the best performing Governor in this current dispensation.

Another aspect of Bola Tinubu that sets him apart from the other candidates, which endears him to many Nigerians is his large and generous heart. His spirit of generosity has no ethnic or religious boundaries.

It is important I point this out because of those who heat the polity by kicking against the so-called Muslim – Muslim ticket. It is high time we jettisoned in this country, religious segregation and focus more on our conducts and personal relationship with others.

The good news is that what will eventually play out in 2023 presidential election is that those who flagrantly disobeyed God in their insults and castigation of past leaders as well as place emphasis on age and religion, will utterly be disappointed to see that track records of excellent achievement of candidates which the word “verify” will not be necessary because they are visibly known and which encapsulate competence, intelligence, experience and wisdom will ultimately determine who wins the the 2023 Presidential election.

Yes, the pendulum will swing in favour of the candidate whose supporters do not go about abusing their past leaders, but supporting and praying for them, as well as praying to God for a new leader whose known past records of achievements are greater than the persons whose track records of achievement are only on their lips but not seen which on verification are found to be false.

By individual conduct and human relations, the will of God will prevail in favour of Bola Ahmed Tinubu/Kashim Shettima in the 2023 presidential election.

•Uba is the National Co-ordinator No Alternative To Tinubu 2023 (NATT 2023 )

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