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5 Benefits Of Lime For Skin

With all the information out there about the health benefits of lemons, have you ever wondered about the benefits of using limes? While many of us use limes when cooking and think of them as ‘lemon’s best friend,’ you may not realize that limes are quite the powerhouse when it comes to skincare.
5 Benefits Of Lime For Skin

Lime is dripping with antioxidants like vitamin C, which will help protect your skin against free radicals (these are responsible for illness and aging). According to, here are some benefits of lime for your skin.
1. Rejuvenates your skin

One delicious way that lime can help your skin is through drinking lime water. Ingesting lime water provides your body with hydration, vitamin C, and flavonoids which act as antioxidants.

These are also found in topical skin care products but can be a huge benefit when you allow your body to absorb them internally as well.
2. Treats dark spots

If you struggle with dark spots on your skin, you may be able to use lime topically to lighten them. Like with most citrus fruits, lime juice is a natural bleaching agent and can help to lighten skin.

To use lime juice for treating dark spots, you can apply freshly squeezed lime juice on your dark spots with cotton wool and let it stay for about 30 minutes before rinsing off.
3. Soothes acne

Acne can seem like a problem that only teenagers have, but that’s just because not many people talk about the acne that pops up as you age. Anything from environmental triggers to hormonal fluctuations can cause embarrassing and unexpected breakouts.

Lime has antibacterial properties that can help. This is because more often than not, acne is caused by bacteria growth on the skin, which gets into your pores and causes inflammation, leading to sore, red blemishes.
4. Reduces the signs of aging

Aging is natural. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to slow down the physical effects of aging. Lime is one of the best natural ways to promote youthful skin. Vitamin C found in limes nourishes skin cells inside and out and can even help fight signs of skin aging.

Using lime products directly on your skin can help with reducing the appearance of aging. Additionally, ingesting lime by drinking lime water can benefit your skin from the inside out by adding antioxidants to your body which can protect you against free radicals, which lead to tissue damage and signs of aging. Topical and internal use of lime can promote a fresh, youthful complexion.
5. Helps remove dead skin

Our skin sheds layers regularly, and underneath that dead skin is brighter, glowing skin. Especially as we age, we want to be able to reveal that bright, youthful skin and help to slough away that old layer of skin. While dead skin will eventually come off naturally, you can speed up the process by using limes.

The citric acid contained in citrus fruits can help to remove those dead skin cells that may be lingering around. This will not only reveal the new skin beneath, but it will also prevent the old skin cells from sticking around and clogging up your pores, causing blemishes.

Adding some freshly squeezed lime to your water will give you many of the benefits lime has to offer, including vitamins and minerals essential to the body.