5 Reasons Your Mobile Phone Is Damaging Your Health

There are different types of radiation and we classify them according to the amount of energy they carry.

Ionising radiation, which carry enough energy to knock an electron off molecules and atoms. Excessive exposure to ionising radiation can damage our cells and DNA, potentially causing burns, sickness or cancer.

Non-ionising radiation can cause heating – this is how microwave ovens work. A microwave oven heats up your dinner using very high-power non-ionising radiation, typically delivering 600 to 1000 watts of power.

So is the radiation emitted from mobile phones dangerous?

1.Non-Ionising Radiation

The radiation emitted by mobile phones falls into the category of non-ionising radiation, however, it has less than two watts of power, causing only a tiny amount of warming and doesn’t have enough energy to damage our cells.

However, using mobile phones is still associated with some negative effects.

2.Blue Light Affects Sleep Cycles

Scientists established that the light from phone, tablet, or computer screens impact the ability to fall asleep.

Many people have a hard time putting down their cell phones before bed, unfortunately, several studies have revealed that using LCD screens, especially close to your face, can upset your natural sleep cycle.

The blue light that they give off has been theorised to inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. Our eyes are accustomed to absorbing blue light from the sun in daylight hours, so when we get it at night it disrupts the circadian rhythms that spur us to rest at night and wake in the morning.

Mobile phone OS makers have caught on, and added “night modes” to versions of their software.

Apple’s iOS has Night Shift, which lets you dim the amount of blue light you see during certain times of day, Android has Night Mode for phones running Nougat and above, and Amazon has Blue Shade for its Fire tablets.

3.Reduction In Long Distance Vision

The human eye is an incredible organ, capable of a wide variety of tasks.

Unfortunately, cell phone culture is drastically reducing the amount of long-distance focusing we do, instead locking our gaze a few inches away from our face and keeping it there.

Experts advise that prolonged screen usage can be seriously detrimental to eye health, but they’re just not sure how bad it truly is.

Lab experiments show that prolonged exposure to HEV light (like the kind emitted by LCD screens) damages retinal tissue, and the closer the screen is, the more of that radiation is absorbed.

4.Head Tilting Causes Neck Strain

Are you wondering why you are suffering from back or neck pain? The human head is a heavy object, and our neck and spine are designed to keep it up at a certain angle. When we tilt our head down to look at our phone then it increases the pressure we put on our cervical spine by as much as 60 pounds, which has been shown to increase upper back and neck pain.

Clients are now seeing chiropractors complaining of intense muscular pain in the neck and shoulders caused by recurring mobile phone usage. So much so that US chiropractor Dr Dean L. Fishman has created a name for the condition: Text Neck Syndrome.

But that’s still not all, there’s even more health implications with mobile phone usage.

5.Bacteria Living On Mobile Phones

We pretty much take our phone with us everywhere (even public bathrooms), hence why it’s absolutely seething with bacteria… this is even more dangerous as we bring cell phones into close proximity with our ears and mouth.

A study conducted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine determined that one out of every six cell phones in England is contaminated with faecal matter, and 16 percent of them carry the E. Coli bacteria. Washing your hands regularly will help mitigate this issue, but your phone is still a disease vector that can make you sick.