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Chuck Kirkenda, better known by his stage as Kali Muscle, learned of the ingredients in his diet that were cause for worry after serving 11 years in prison. Following his earlier disclosure that the food he ate while incarcerated was intrinsically toxic to his health and may have contributed significantly to his heart attack, Kali Muscle has since launched an offensive campaign against the well-known soda company, Coca-Cola.

Kali used social media to inform people about the components of the beverage and the reasons it shouldn’t be eaten by anybody. “Yeah, Y’all know I used to drink the hell out of these, with coffee the hyphy mud that’s how I invented my supplement,” Kali admitted in his YouTube Shorts video about how he once had his own concoction of Coke as a supplement. However, the bodybuilder went on to list all of the beverage’s dangerous components. “Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup with caramel, coffee, and natural flavors,” was what he said. Muscle underlined that each of these components was just as dangerous as “poison.”

But high-fructose corn syrup, which he called “addictive poison,” was the major target of his wrath. He went on, “Please, please, please do not give this to your children, and do not drink it yourself. This is poison in liquid form. Additionally, Muscle thought that consuming soda “will kill you early.”

The 48-year-old influencer previously disclosed that he used to eat ramen nearly five times a day while incarcerated. He discussed the factors in the instant ramen that might have contributed to his heart attack. “I look at the back of everything right, and I just see all kinds of poison,” declared Muscle.

This contains all of the harmful substances, such as sodium carbonate, silicon dioxide, and sodium alginate, which clog your arteries. Look, it was even colored. There is lactose in it. It has every component that leads to a heart attack.

Fitness enthusiasts were surprised by Kali Muscle’s unusual eating choices, which brought him recognition. Though his dietary choices are controversial, it’s important to highlight an intriguing development in his story. This bodybuilder used to include the well-known soda in his diet as an additional source of energy, but he now publicly attacks the company.

Kali Muscle’s pre-workout supplement, Coke with coffee

Kali is credited with popularizing the concoction of Coca-Cola and coffee. Hyphy Mud is the name he gave to this mixture. The fitness fanatic shared this recipe for making homemade pre-workout mix at home with his followers who could not afford the high-end, store-bought pre-workout pills.

Caffeine is a chemical that is present in both coffee and Coke. Caffeine is well known for stimulating the neural system quickly, which results in an immediate feeling of alertness and energy. Caffeine takes thirty to forty minutes to start working throughout the body, giving you the boost you need. This is the primary goal of all commercial caffeine-based products.