70 Year Old Man Celebrates Birthday By Releasing The Names Of All 219 Women He Has Had Sex With

A 70 year old man, Francis Van-Lare, is currently trending as he releases names of 219 women who he slept with as a way to celebrate his birthday.The man who is ex-husband to relationship counselor, Amara Nwosu, took to his Facebook account to share their names in batches.According to him, this is how he chooses to celebrate the milestone of his 70th birthday.

He initially intended to post their pictures alongside their names, but Facebook did not allow him to.The man has promised to write a book next year where their names and photos would be arranged in accordingly.He specified in the list, the women who were experts at particular sex styles.This list has attracted lots of attention and many Netizens have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

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