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“A fan accused me of killing my own daughter because of am supporting for APC”- Actress, Remi Surutu cries out

Nigeria actress, Remi Surutu, has raised an alarm over a disturbing allegation made against her on social media.

The actress took to her Instagram page to express her dismay over a comment from a netizen that claimed she killed her daughter.

In a lengthy post, Surutu reveals that if some followers are not ok with the way she’s campaigning for APC, they can easily unfollow her or block her instead of dragging her family and child because of her political choice.

She further reveals a fan took to the extent of accusing her of killing her child.

She wrote: “If na my post about apc Dey vex you I guess you have to unfollow or block me

Cause even if I didn’t really wanna go into it now I want to ! Can you all take a minute of that useless time you’re using [email protected] up stories and talk shit out use that type to google “DEMOCRACY “ we all have a choice !

Dragging my family and my child for what exactly ?is it just all about this or y’all got some cobwebs 🕸 in wardrobe! To the extent a particular mannerless fool said I killed my daughter 😑😑I won’t reply you as a mother because I’m sure you have no idea we’re the pain of what you said got to but I know one thing for sure my daughter doesn’t let shit come to me so I’m rest assured she’s gonna serve you your tea ☕️ very hot !”