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A Few Judges Cannot Decide The Fate Of 200 Million Nigerians, Because They Had Already Voted -Dokubo

Former Niger Delta militant Asari Dokubo has stated that Nigerians have already voted and decided who their president should be in the midst of the presidential tribunal hearing at the court of appeal in Abuja to hear the cases of those objecting to the result that saw Bola Ahmed Tinubu emerging as the winner of the presidential election.

Speaking with journalists, supporter Asari Dokubo said that the country’s fate cannot be decided by a handful of judges after 200 million Nigerians had already cast ballots in the most recent election.

As things stand, the most reasonable thing to do, according to the supporter of the former governor of Lagos state and now president-elect, is to get rid of these distractions, adding that nobody went to court in America.

He said that 200 million Nigerians’ future could not be decided by a handful of judges because they had already cast their votes. It makes the greatest sense to do away with these sideshows. No one in America ever went to court. Neither of us is a gentleman.

One would be correct in assuming that Bola Tinubu’s political opponents are contesting the election result before the Tribunal.

I’m curious as to your thoughts on this claim. Don’t be shy about sharing your opinions down below.

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