According to Akunna “We were in Nigeria when a Chief Of Army Staff died in an air crash in this same Kaduna”

Public affairs expert Chuks Akunna claimed that the then-President and Vice President did not personally attend the funeral of the Chief of Army Staff, who was buried in Abuja following his death in an airplane crash in Kaduna.

Akunna made this statement during an interview with AIT while speaking on the tragic incident of an army airstrike that claimed civilian lives in Tudun Biri, Kaduna State, and how the presidency has reacted to it. He commended the recent show of compassion and support by the President and Vice President Shettima towards the victims of the accidental airstrike.

In Akunna’s words: “Sometimes in life, mistakes happen but what happens after the mistakes is of importance. We were in Nigeria when a Chief of Army Staff died in an air crash in this same Kaduna State and was buried in Abuja. We had a sitting President and Vice President, the military cemetery is less than 5 kilometers from the city center, and none of these men: the President or the Vice President attended the funeral of the serving Chief of Army Staff. But we have seen the show of compassion and show of support by the presidency. Vice President Shettima visited Kaduna State, went to the hospital, and met with victims and their families. It is very good, it is a radical departure from what used to be”.