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According To Bazoum, The Junta Rejected His Request To Let His Son Go Back To School. Abdulsalami

After President Mohamed Bazoum was overthrown by a military coup, General Abdulsalami Abubakar(rtd), a former head of state, recently traveled back to the Niger Republic to assist in the peaceful restoration of democracy. Abdulsalami and his colleagues spoke with the military officials for several hours to determine what to do next.

After departing from Niger, he went to the Presidential Villa in Abuja to tell President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the convention’s outcomes. In an interview with the BBC Hausa Service, he talked about some of the meeting’s topics and what influences military operations in democratic governance in Africa.

He asserted that “Bazoum” complained about his son, who had traveled for vacation and was regrettably embroiled in the issue, and that Gen. Abdulsalami said that the soldiers had jailed both of them as a result. Bazoum begged the soldiers to permit his son to return to school so that he may continue his education while they dealt with the issues.

The demand was made known to the soldiers, but unhappily they didn’t respond favorably. But it turned out that Bazoum’s medical professionals had been given the go-ahead to see him and were providing him with the care he required. During their visit, it was evident that both his general health and his nutrition had improved.

Gen. Abdulsalami added that Bazoum’s situation has greatly improved compared to what they had heard during their first trip to Niger following the coup a few weeks earlier.