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Afrobeat Musician Seun Kuti Released On Bail

Singer Sun Kuti has been released on bail from the Lagos Police Station. Remember when the troubled Afrobeat star was taken into custody for slapping a police officer in the Third Mainland and later charged in court?

His attorney, who announced last Thursday that his bail conditions had been met, said a request by police to extend his detention was granted, and he was released today, May 23.

Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti was released on bail Tuesday night from state criminal police custody in Panty, Lagos State. The development was confirmed by San Francisco State Attorney Adeyinka Olumide Husica in a telephone interview with a correspondent Tuesday evening. “Yes, Seun Kuti was released a few minutes ago,” he said.

The Punch previously reported that the Afrobeat musician could be released today (Tuesday) after an extended period of pre-trial detention by the police expired. Court documents obtained by The Punch reveal that Chief Justice Adeola Olatumbosur has extended Kuti’s pretrial detention until Tuesday, May 23rd.

The documents show that the Superior Judges’ Court in Sabo yaba, Lagos State, last Thursday granted the police’s request to extend Seun Kuti’s pretrial detention until Tuesday (today) so police can complete their investigation. Prosecution

The police had informed the court that the previously granted two-day extension of pretrial detention was not sufficient to complete the investigation. In response to the police’s request, the judge said, “I will grant the extension.” ” This matter has been postponed until May 23, 2023, in consultation with the DPP.” The document was received exclusively by our correspondent on Monday.