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Air Peace Lands in London: Netizens React As Hostesses Are Dressed In Isi-Agu Outfits

For the first time since 2017, a Nigerian airline has landed in the United Kingdom with Air Peace’s maiden trip to Gatwick Airport, London.

Background on Nigerian Airlines Who Operated the London Route

While Med-View Airline was the last indigenous carrier to operate on the route, many are seeing Air Peace’s giant strides as a welcoming news to the Nigerian aviation industry.

Prior to this, the defunct Virgin Nigeria started the lucrative route on June 28, 2005 with an Airbus A340-300 aircraft but terminated operations four years after.

On December 15, 2008, Arik Air also began international operations to London-Heathrow, using an Airbus A340-500 aircraft wet-leased from Hi Fly. Despite initial promise, Arik Air faced financial difficulties and discontinued its London services while under the receivership of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, AMCON.

How Air Peace Landed in the UK For the First Time

Air Peace operated the Boeing 777 aircraft to her destination at the Gatwick Airport, London on March 30, 2024.

With her inaugural flight to the UK, reactions online are closely following up to the outfits wore by the hostess rather than the feat itself.

Reactions Online About Air Peace’s Maiden Flight to London

Sparking up conversation about the isi-agwu clothing online is one user by the handle @eldivyn who wrote:

Mr. Onyema whyyyy? Let this be a one off please. We are all very happy at this milestone as a country but let us not make this a thing. Please.

Responding to the post, Chambers of PHC wrote:

Man tries to garnish his business with African style y’all still complaining. Go and start up your own Airline and tell them what to do.

Other reactions are below:

Omalicha Nwa: Mr. Onyema didn’t do anything wrong. In fact they all should be in ankara. That lady at the front is smart please

Yemi Dada: This is actually not new. Check all Airpeace international flights since they started flying wide bodies.

Obinnaya: Lol. We place ‘stup!d’ restrictions on ourselves

Use the Isiagu sew suit

Or Agbada

Sew shirt with it

Let it go round

Let it be known that this is  Isiagu

Azom: How do flight attendants cope dressed in uncomfortable clothing for everlasting flights

Chukwuyerem: Isi agụ is oyibo made. Igbo traditional wear is very clear and different. What you call isi agụ is a modern invention from indo-China.

And how is that isi agụ by the way. Na you wey no know ịsị agụ sef.