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“Always Pray Before Sleeping”: Woman Puts Camera in Her Daughter’s Room at Night, Shares What She Found

A woman has advised people to always say their prayers before going to bed because strange things happen at night

Her statement is coming in the wake of what she found in her daughter’s room after the girl complained of hearing weird noises

The woman put a camera in her daughter’s room to ascertain what the problem was and was shocked by what she found

A woman has shocked social media users with what she found in her daughter’s room at night.

She said her daughter always complained of hearing weird noises in her bedroom, which informed her decision to place a camera there.

She shared the outcome of the camera footage, urging people to pray always before they go to bed.

According to the woman, she thought her daughter was having nightmares and so she waited for her to sleep and kept watch.

From the recording reposted on TikTok, the teddy bear her daughter slept with was removed by an unforeseen source.

Next, the covering she had on was dragged to a side by a force that did not appear on the camera. The woman who spoke in the background said that the window was closed and wondered how the force entered the room.

She said after that recording, she prayed fervently with her daughte,r and they never recorded such again.

Watch the video below:


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Social media reactions

amakaloveth870 said:

“Things are really happening..I pray the Almighty God guide and protect us.”

Aimee_dollar said:

“Lord jesus protect her and all your family in jesus mighty name amen.”

user4320333375369 said:

“I didn’t see anything biko bcs the video was too small i can only see the woman face.”

N!kk! P@lm3r said:

“Demons playing too much as always. Been there. Put on the full armor of God every day.”

user Gloash wa rema said:

“So that’s what happen to us who be like enze nebaka bubi engenda okuzukuka wen my blanket is off me and far God have mercy on we.”

Gorvo wire wire said:

“She has a spiritual husband which normally comes to sleep with her why sleeping.”

mwangalazoe said:

“This is what has happening to me that’s how I sleep and I keep on moving exactly like her ‍I thought it was normal.”

Dad lifts little daughter up for staying awake at night

Meanwhile, Previously reported that a man had lifted his daughter for staying awake at night.

He complained that he couldn’t spend quality time with his wife at night because the little girl was always awake. The little girl stared at him and smiled sweetly as her dad ranted. She didn’t care what he was saying.

“If you don’t sleep tonight, there’s trouble. I want my wife. You’re taking my wife away from me. Do you understand? You think I’m playing? Friday night I couldn’t, on my birthday, I couldn’t. Look, I’m not playing games. I want my wife,” the father complained…..CONTINUE READING

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