Are The Congregation Becoming Mere Customers Of The Churches Today? - Mc Ebisco Are The Congregation Becoming Mere Customers Of The Churches Today? - Mc Ebisco
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Are The Congregation Becoming Mere Customers Of The Churches Today?

Every Church is started by one man or few people but the church doesn’t belong to them. The Church is for Christ. And, his Spirit oversees it through men. Those men aren’t the owners and they mustn’t carry themselves as such. That’s devilish. Satanic arrogance.

When men replace Christ, the Head of the Church, it’s led my the understanding of men than the Spirit of God. God is still jealous. He didn’t cease to be jealous under the New Covenant.

There is so much conflicts and sin in the church today, because, many servants, unlike Joseph who refused to sleep with his master’s wife are flirting and sleeping with the bride of our Lord so arrogantly. They are like Absalom who slept with his father, David’s wives.

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Today, the servants are being worshipped instead of the King and the servants are willfully taking the worship in the name of honour and respect of men of God.

Instead of Jesus Christ, many are preaching and testifying about their Prophets, Pastors, Apostles, Bishops, Archbishops, papas and dadas. They go about telling how powerful their prophets are; how better their denominations are. Instead of the Kingdom of God, they’re promoting their denominations.

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The gospel is missing. Missing in human idolization and glorification. The only time Jesus is glorified is during the few minutes of praise and worship sessions. The Holy Spirit that testifies about Jesus Christ is grieving and groaning because men have taken his place but they can’t hear in their noisy auditoriums.

The Church is powerless today because Christ isn’t the head, the holy spirit isn’t the general overseer, men and women have taken the place of Christ glorifying themselves.

Where is the love of Christ in the church today? If Christ is leading like he did in the early church, his love will be conspicuous enough for the world to see and admit that these men are like Jesus.When Jesus is leading; when the Spirit of God is leading, I can see, because, he dwells in me.

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How do you test all spirits when you don’t have a tester? The Holy Spirit is the tester which helps you determine other spirits. That’s why every believer needs to build a relationship with Him to enable them discern, otherwise, you may just be some smart guy’s customer.

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