'Arsenal Won’t Be A Leicester’: Man City Fans React To Falling Behind In Premier League Title Race - Mc Ebisco
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‘Arsenal won’t be a Leicester’: Man City fans react to falling behind in Premier League title race

Arsenal moved five points clear of Man City at the top of the Premier League table on Saturday.

The Citizens suffered a shock 2-1 loss to Brentford, falling well behind in the title race.

Man City fans believed that their club would need to finish the season on 90-94 points to win the title. Here is how some of them reacted on the BlueMoon forum going five points behind in the title race.

AlexMcity: “Things don’t tend to repeat in football. Arsenal won’t be Leicester, even though they are better than Leicester and will win more points than Leicester. Arteta is not Pep. But it’s telling a lot about Pep’s philosophy that the current top teams in the two best leagues in the world are managed by Pep’s disciples. The Michels-Cruyff-Guardiola line in football is the best in history. But Pep spends a lot, doesn’t make changes and is hard to understand, so his success doesn’t count :).

“Arsenal will have difficult moments. Think they will drop 10 points over 7-8 games at some point of the season (that’s 2 losses and 2 draws). The question is whether we’ll be good enough to capitalise on their mistakes. Given our form under Pep since 2017, we are likely to go above 86 pts. Arsenal have a very good young team, but injuries and inexperience will stop them from going above 85 pts, imo, even if they are on course to 100 pts now. Things may go south quickly. As good as they are, they are not Liverpool good. Our games with them will be interesting. Maybe we’ll be on form by then.”

SuperCity88: “Going to need a huge change in performances to win it. We have been poor so far. 5pts off top and it being Arsenal not Liverpool means we are still in it, but we need a big run of wins when we are back and to start playing with more balance.”

MCFC Israel: “We can and should beat Arsenal, at home and away so a 5 point gap is something that can definitely be reversed, there are still 24 games ahead of us. I don’t think Arsenal will win the title, but if they do? they well deserve it.”

Gudoggin: “24 games to go . Was always going to be a weird one with the diabolical timing of the World Cup in Qatar. I would back us 100% to kick on in the new year injuries permitting.”

AshtonBluemooner: “We’ve played 14 games. No league has ever been won in November. Yesterday’s result is a sickener because of the performance and the fact we have to wait more than 6 weeks to get it out of our system. Do you think the players will care? Of course they will. They’ll come back from the World Cup and want to put things right. Pep will want to put things right. This might be the tightest Premier league in a long time. Arsenal haven’t slipped up yet, they will and then it’s how they respond. Plus, they play us twice. Loads of points still to be won and lost.

“This team, give or take, has won 4 of the last 5 Premier leagues. We will be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. So, enjoy the break, whether you watch the World Cup or not, and get yourselves ready for a fantastic last 24, yes 24, premier league games, Champions league, league cup and FA Cup. It’s all to play for. CTID.”