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Atiku would lose in the North-East, according to Gombe gov.

We are firm in our desire to work toward the success of our great party, and our chances are extremely high indeed, he remarked.

When Yahaya visited Abdulsalami Abubakar, a former head of state, in Minna on Saturday, he said as much.

The Gombe governor said that there was no such thing as a brother or party guy and that Nigeria was one and transcended geography when asked if he would support Bola Tinubu, the APC candidate and a member of his party, over his brother, Atiku.

The fact that Atiku hails from the same area as me is irrelevant. They are all my brothers, and Nigeria is one. We fight to keep Nigeria one, indivisible nation, he stated.

He added that he had come to Minna to see Abdulsalami because the latter had recently been admitted to a hospital in London.

We came to send him best wishes and good health. We are here to show him that we care about him since he is our father and a revered senior statesman, he said.

He continued by saying that the capacity to recognize their disparities at an early enough stage was one of the reasons Gombe was able to maintain its relative calm while being surrounded by unstable governments.

Because Gombe is cosmopolitan in nature and some families also practice both religions, we were able to recognize our differences early enough, the man stated.

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