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Ayodele Reveals Why Igbo Couldn’t Emerge 2023 Presidential Election Winner

According to Elijah Ayodele, primate of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, the greed of the Igbo leaders has led to their exclusion from society. In a statement released by his media assistant, Osho Oluwatoshin, he argued that the Igbo have the capacity to produce the next president or president of the Senate, but a lack of cooperation prevents them from doing so.

According to the Ayodele Primate, the Igboland people are their greatest enemy. He argues that the Igbo have lost political clout in the country due to a vacuum of ambitious leaders seeking political positions. Her failure to present a united front in front of the nation cost her dearly. “In all sincerity, an Igbo should be the next president of the Senate,” declares Primate Ayodele.

Given that they have created obstacles themselves, it is not surprising that they were rejected as Nigeria’s next president. They are at a disadvantage because they urgently need work. The Igbo’s suffering is largely due to the actions of their leaders, who display greed, despair, and betrayal at the expense of their own people.

The speaker predicted that it would take a very long time for the Igbo to regain their former political position in the country. If they can’t come together, they won’t make much progress and will fall behind this government. Ayodele Primate gave them advice on how to restore their former reputation and urged them to get involved so that the new government would take them seriously. Ayodele also made many controversial predictions about the inauguration of Bola Tinubu, but ultimately it is up to each person to believe or not in the accuracy and relevance of these predictions.