Ban open sale of drugs in markets – Pharmacists to Nigerian Govt

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The Edo State chapter of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, PSN, has urged the Federal Government to ban open sale of drugs in markets in the interest of public health.

The Chairman of the society, Mr Chris Oisakede, made the call in Benin on Wednesday.

He stressed that the availability of drugs in the open market was partly responsible for the rise in drug abuse among youths.

“I am concerned at the devastating effects of drug abuse on youths, but the ease with which drugs are available in the open market is worrisome,” he said.

He urged the Federal Government to implement a structured redistribution system that would encourage prescription-only sales to curb drug abuse and trafficking.

“Nigeria is one of the few places in the whole of Africa where you can find drugs like other products in the open market.

“This is an aberration from the norms. Drugs are not sold in the open markets like ordinary products, this practice is encouraging abuse, addiction and trafficking.

“We cannot be campaigning against drug abuse when drugs are readily available for purchase in the open markets, it doesn’t work that way,” he said.

Oisakede further called for the addition of Harmful Drug Effects in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools in the country.

“We need to educate our children about the dangers of drug abuse, so that they can make informed decisions.

“We need to teach them that drug abuse can lead to addiction, health problems, and even death,” he said.

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