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Banning phones and refusal to allow live transmission of the proceedings is Injustice—Gbadamosi

Babatunde Gbadamosi, who contested for the party’s nomination to run as a candidate for Governor of Lagos State in 2011 and again in 2015, has taken to his official Twitter handle to write about issues that surround the fact that phones should not be used in the court and that refusal to transmit the proceedings of the court will be termed an injustice.

Some parts of the statement released read, “Banning phones from court and refusing to allow live transmission of the proceedings both indicate that grand injustice is about to be perpetrated”.

“Only RATS, COCKROACHES, BATS, and CRIMINALS prefer to operate in the dark and in the shadows.” Shine a light upon them, and they scurry to the shadows for cover”.

“In Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa, proceedings of election tribunals were transmitted live from the courtrooms in the public interest and for the sake of transparency.”.

“The Nigerian judges hunting desperately for reasons not to allow live broadcasts are merely scurrying for the shadows because they don’t want the world to witness the great miscarriage of justice they are about to embark upon”.