Bellerin discloses details concerning his exit from Arsenal that many people are actually unaware of

Former Arsenal star Hector Bellerin has opened up about his departure from the Emirates Stadium, revealing that it was a tough decision for him to leave the club. In an interview with Sky Sports, Bellerin expressed his love for Arsenal and the difficult choice he had to make in leaving the club.

“Leaving Arsenal was such a tough decision. A lot of people felt like I really wanted to leave that place, but it was just a change of cycle for me because I love Arsenal. I loved my time over there, I loved the staff, the support I always got there, and playing at the Emirates for me every weekend was a dream. I just felt like at that time of my life, this was more what I needed,” Bellerin said.

After leaving Arsenal in 2022, Bellerin had brief spells at Barcelona and Sporting Lisbon before eventually settling down at Real Betis in July of this year. The Spanish full-back has found success at Real Betis and continues to be an important player for the team.

Bellerin’s revelation sheds light on his departure from Arsenal and shows that it was not an easy decision for him to make. Despite leaving the club, Bellerin still holds a deep affection for Arsenal and cherishes the memories he made during his time at the Emirates Stadium.