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Best Female Suits, Blazers & Prices in Nigeria (2023)

Best Female Suits, Blazers & Prices in Nigeria (2023)

The cost and prices of women’s suits and blazers will form the major discourse of this article.

Despite Nigerians high use of native wears and fashion styles, female suits and blazers is still one of the most used wears by women especially those in the corporate industry.

There are numerous types of female suits and blazers from different brands.

These female suits costs different prices and comes in different designs and styles too.

The female suits and blazers are also amongst the best office wear for ladies.

As a lady corporate sector or a female student, it is important to own female blazers and suits which is an official wear for ladies.

For ladies in the corporate world, female suits and blazers are some of the most wears to be found in your wardrobe.

This is why it is always important to find out the current cost of women’s suits and blazers in Nigeria.

It is impossible to give a single price of how much female suits are sold in Nigeria, however, the average cost of women’s suits in Nigeria can be ascertained.

This will help those who wants to buy women’s suits and blazers to budget adequately when trying to purchase women’s suits in Nigeria.

For female students who needs female suits and blazers for their dissertation defense, this post is all worth it and important as it will give you the near price of women’s suits in Nigeria.

Cost of Women’s Suits in Nigeria

The price of female suits in Nigeria goes according to design, brands and place of production.

By place of production we mean foreign made women’s suits price in Nigeria and Nigerian made female blazers.

The average cost of women’s suits that’s made in Nigeria is between N15,000 to N20,000.

With this budget, you can comfortably buy women’s suits that’s is locally made.

Some of these women’s suits are as good and styled as the foreign ones.

But there’s a high preference for foreign made women’s suits in Nigeria which is very expensive when compared to Nigerian made women’s blazers in Nigeria.

The price of foreign women’s suits in Nigeria starts from N25,000.

Some specially and highly designed women’s suits can cost as high as N45,000.

Here is a quick breakdown of the women’s suits prices in Nigeria

  • Nigerian Made Women’s Suits- N15,000 – N20,000
  • Foreign Made Women’s Suits – N25,000 – N40,000
  • Women’s Designers Suits – N 45,000 – N70,000

It is pertinent to note that colours sometimes is factor in the price of Women’s suits prices in Nigeria.

Black women’s suits and blazers tends to be more expensive and most sought after women’s suits than those of other colours.

Nevertheless, the above price list for female suits in Nigeria is a good budget for those embarking on purchase of women’s suits in Nigeria or those who wants to find how much Women’s suits are currently sold in Nigeria.

Also, the clothing stores and boutique can also be a major factor on how much you will pay or the cost of your desired women’s suits and blazers in Nigeria.

Morestill, it is much cheaper to make your own female suits and blazers by procurement of the material and contracting female suits making tailors.