BREAKING: 153 soldiers killed in Niger, 34 injured, 71 missing

Thediscoverer.ng reports that not less than 153 soldiers of Nigerien Army were killed, 34 others injured in what was considered the most bloodiest ambush by insurgency in Niger Republic.

According to Zagazola Makama, a Counter-insurgency expert and security analyst in the Lake Chad region, it was disclosed that the ambushed happened at TISSILATANE, a Nigerien territory.

“Side of the FDS: 153 soldiers dead, 34 injured, 71 missing, 23 vehicles taken, 16 vehicles burned as well as several weapons and ammunition taken.

“EIGS side: 27 terrorists neutralized.

“2 SDF missions left Banibangou and Oualam, very early today to continue the search for bodies and possible missing persons. In addition, it was learned that only one vehicle, the intelligence vehicle, was able to escape the ambush and regain Banibangou.

“It was indeed the bloodiest ambush against the troops.

“PS: The search continues for possible missing persons.