BREAKING: Akpata Vows to Remain in Labour Party Even if “Played Out” in Primaries

Labour Party gubernatorial aspirant Olumide Akpata has said he is committed to the party, even if the upcoming primary election doesn’t go his way.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, the former NBA president acknowledged potential irregularities within the party, citing concerns from previous elections.

“There are definitely glitches and I hope that those who superintended over the affairs will go back to the drawing board and ensure that we don’t have a repeat of what we had in those states,” he said.

While noting that these developments called for concern, he said if he was “played out” during the primaries, “I am a democrat and a good sportsman. If I lose, I will go home.

“Political harlotry is not one of my strong points. I came to this party because I believe in what the party stands for. If some of the operators of the party are behaving in an underhanded manner, that does not mean the party has changed.

“What you do is to ensure that you enthrone leadership that works in tandem with the objectives of the party. The solution is not to jump ship. You are not going to hear of me jumping ship to another party,” he said.

Akpata also said he isn’t endorsed by the party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi. “Imagine Obi’s position with 28 aspirants,” he explained.

“Endorsing one would be unfair. He knows my ambition, but I expect neutrality. He’s a democrat who respects the process.”.