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BREAKING: “Any man they used food to snatch is irresponsible and not fit to be with any woman” – Nigerian businessman fires back at Mummy Zee

A Nigerian businessman, Basil Okpara, has asserted that any man who can be snatched from his partner with food is irresponsible and not fit to be with a woman.

He made this statement in response to a tweet by viral X user Mummy Zee, who gained popularity after revealing that she wakes up as early as 4:30 am to cook for her husband.

In her recent post, she asked netizens if they can all agree with her that a man can be ‘snatched’ with food, following a dispute between a lady named Akwa Igbo and her friend, Cynthia.

Akwa Igbo called out Cynthia on Monday morning, February 5, for allegedly snatching her man, Obinna, and getting pregnant by him.

However, when Cynthia responded to the accusation, she claimed that Akwa Igbo doesn’t know how to cook a proper meal, and that she was the one cooking for herself, Akwa Igbo, and Obinna when she spent time in their house. ICYMI, read the full story here

Reacting to the saga, Mummy Zee, who initially revealed that she started waking up early to cook for her husband because his female colleague brought two spoons to the office so she could share her meal with him, stated that she hopes people can now see that a man can be snatched with food.

“So na now una gree say they fit use food collect person man abi?” she tweeted.

Basil Okpara, however, had a different opinion and didn’t hesitate to disagree with her stance. He stated that any man who can be lured away with food lacks self-control and never loved his partner.

He tweeted,

“Any man they used food to collect is an irresponsible man and not fit to be with any woman. We can’t excuse some men’s lack of self control and disrespect to their relationships or marriages. Any man that leaves his woman because another woman gave him food is just a useless dog, and never loved his woman.”

See the exchange below,