BREAKING: APC and PBAT Challenge the Authenticity of Tinubu’s CSU Certificates


The actions of CSU are raising doubts, as they seem to evade the core issue at hand. It is apparent that a significant problem exists, and CSU’s attempts to defend themselves are akin to navigating treacherous waters.

If they cannot verify the legitimacy of Tinubu’s certificates, the matter is as good as settled. They should address the discrepancies in the results, names, and dates or acknowledge the misconduct that transpired and concede victory to Atiku.

What distinguishes denial from an inability to authenticate? It essentially implies that the certificates are counterfeit, and Tinubu should provide an account of how he obtained them. Atiku’s demands are straightforward: clarify the irregularities in the results, disclose the documents used by Tinubu for admission, and substantiate that the certificates submitted to INEC indeed originated from CSU. This matter requires a candid resolution.