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BREAKING: Appointing friends, associates bad for Nigeria – PDP deputy youth leader

The Deputy National Youth Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, Timothy Osadolor, has faulted some names in the ministerial list and the house committee chairmen of the rep.

He described as unfortunate the appointment of failed ex-governors as cabinet ministers at a time that the country needed quick intervention in its challenges.

Osadolor, said, “These appointments and nominations have all clearly shown one thing. This is a government of cronyism. How do you explain appointing failed governors as cabinet ministers at a time like this when the economy and security of the country are under such challenges by hunger, a near useless naira, ISWAP, Boko Haram, Cattle rustlers, IPOB and broken roads and rails?

“How do you appoint children of ex-governors and serving top government functionaries as committee chairmen when you know they are greenhorn and lack requisite knowledge? For the few that are qualified, I have no problem with their appointments or nomination, their parental status does not deny them a right to what they are qualified for.

“But for fairness and justice sake let’s learn to do what is dependable and correct. Cronyism must stop. Nigeria is for all Nigerians and no one should turn it into a neo-patrimonial state. Every Nigerian, irrespective of parentage should be given room and opportunity to contribute to nation-building. There should be no ritual or bootlicking to be able to do this.”

Osadolor also lamented the hardship faced by the citizens and how life has become miserable for them and called on the Federal Government to take positive actions.

“Let this APC-led federal government know this: the blood of every Nigerian that dies from the bad government policies is on their hands, hearts, and heads. They should know the Nigerian youths are frustrated, angry, and near a tipping point of frustration,” he added.