BREAKING: Arabambi “The Vehicles Innoson Motors Gave To Support Labour Party Were Only Given To Igbos Among Us”

Abayomi Arabambi, the Labour Party’s factional national publicity secretary, has asserted that ethnic conflict is the root of the party’s current turmoil. He claimed that some Igbos in the party rebelled because the party’s treatment of them as inferior to persons from other regions.

Arabambi claimed in an interview with Arise TV that the Igbos were attempting to take over the celebration and eject other attendees.

Arabambi claimed that the party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Peter Obi, lacks the managerial qualities to unite the party. He said that as someone who wants to govern the country, Peter Obi should not place one ethnic group over others.

Arabambi further claimed that the Nigerian automobile manufacturer, Innoson Motors, supported the Labour Party with some vehicles during the electioneering season, but all the vehicles were given to only the Igbos in the party. He said that only five Igbos in the party’s National Working Committee were given the vehicle.

He said, “I put it to them, in all the NWC that Peter Obi met, the vehicles that Innoson Motors said that he wanted to support the Labour Party with were only given to the Igbos among us. Only the five Igbos were the ones they gave… All of us, we know ourselves. We were 17 when Peter Obi came. Nobody from Ijaw, nobody from the North, even the present Secretary of Abure, they didn’t give him that vehicle… It’s only the Igbos among us they donated that Jeep to. What is the meaning of that? We can’t continue like that. Labour Party is not a regional party.”

The Labour Party has been embroiled in internal crisis from some time now, a development that members of the public have been following with keen interest.