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BREAKING: Arisekola “Tinubu changed Lagos overnight to become like Las Vegas, I witnessed that transformation”

Former Oyo State Commissioner for Youth and Sports Farouk Arisekola has said that President Tinubu’s amazing transformation of Lagos during his time as governor is the core of what makes the APC what it is now.

Arisekola compared the “overnight” makeover of Lagos to the vitality of Las Vegas in an interview with the Nigerian Tribune. He claimed that many individuals moved from their states to Lagos as a result of the city’s change, which added to the traffic in the area. He was upbeat about Nigeria’s future as well, praising Lagos as a ray of hope.

In Arisekola’s words: “What made APC what it is was what President Tinubu turned Lagos to, Tinubu changed Lagos overnight to become like Las Vegas; I witnessed that transformation, and a lot of people left their states for Lagos then. That’s why the state is congested. If Lagos can become this, that means there is hope for Nigeria”.