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BREAKING: Buhari is one who would give responsibility and would never come back to supervise–According to Yerima Shetimma

Alhaji Yerima Shetimma expressed confidence in President Tinubu’s approach to leading his administration, notably his willingness to keep an eye on the performance of those he has appointed and hold them accountable for their actions, according to a report from the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum published in the Sun.

He thought that doing this would make it easier to make sure that only capable people held important positions and that those who failed to fulfill their duties would be fired.

He said, “He has demonstrated that it is not going to be like the administration of President Buhari who will give you assignment or appointment for eight years without monitoring you, not wanting to know how far you are carrying the assignment out.

He is one man who will give you responsibility and will never come back to supervise or ask you how far so that you can give an account of what you did. A lot of people in his government took advantage of that weakness to drain the country.

But the case of Tinubu is tit-for-tat, he will give you the job and monitor what you are doing or how you are carrying out the job. I think we should encourage him more on this monitoring to make the appointed ones sit up and do the work.

Anybody he found wanting should be dealt with decisively. He should continue to kick out those who cannot deliver as many times as possible.

If you don’t remove those who are not performing, you cannot get those that will stand on top competence, the round pegs in round holes.”