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BREAKING: ‘Bullet Did Not Penetrate Me’ — Ekiti Monarch Recounts Attack That Killed Colleagues

The Alara of Ara Ekiti, Oba Adebayo Fatoba, has recounted the attack that killed two fellow monarchs last week. Oba Fatoba said he believes the attack specifically targeted them due to their efforts to combat criminal herdsmen in the region.

The attack occurred after a security meeting where the monarchs discussed ways to tackle insecurity in their domains. As they returned, they were ambushed on a straight road.

“We had formed a 25-member security committee to tackle the activities of Fulani herdsmen infiltrating our bushes and committing crimes,” he told Awikonko TV in an interview in Yoruba language.

“The day before the attack, my colleague informed me of an ambush between Ayebode and Ayedun. I assured him I would come on Monday to discuss security measures.”

Fatoba said he was travelling with the fellow monarchs when they were ambushed by the assailants.

He witnessed the killing of his colleagues before fleeing into a nearby hut. The attackers, armed with guns, machetes, and other dangerous weapons, attempted to hit him but failed.

“They did not attempt to kidnap us. They simply opened fire,” he recalled, adding, “I noticed that they don’t understand English language. They came with cutlasses, AK-47s and many more. I later escaped, but the bullet they shot did not penetrate. I did not disappear; I ran from the scene. I fled to a nearby hut where the local security we engaged were. They too were afraid.

“They killed my other colleagues. They did not touch my driver; they came to fight and kill us. When they realized that their bullet and the cutlasses did not penetrate me, they attempted to use a club on me, and then I fled. The local security later called the king of the neighboring town who reinforced other security to the scene.”