BREAKING: Burna Boy cries out as his mom allegedly seizes his phone over derogatory comment about Davido

After making a critical remark about Davido, musician Burna Boy disclosed that his disciplinary committee had confiscated his phone.

Burna Boy gained headlines earlier today when he ridiculed his fellow musician Davido in response to a 30-BG fan’s criticism that he had lost all of his Grammy nominations.

A fan of Davido labeled Burna Boy “Ode” and made fun of him for not receiving all four Grammy nominations; this caused a stir on Burna Boy’s page.

In his customary aggressive style, Burna Boy replied to the post by asserting that it was not him but rather the guy in the Davido fan’s profile picture who was the real joke.

Shortly after, Burna Boy announced on Twitter that his phone had been taken away from him—probably by his mother—to prevent him from wreaking more damage online.