BREAKING: Can any political party national chairman in Nigeria be molested the way Abure was molested? – Kennedy Ahanotu

Ahanotu’s defence comes amidst accusations of Abure’s alleged involvement in schemes to disrupt the party and undermine the presidential aspirations of Peter Obi.

Speaking in an interview with Arise TV’s The Morning Show programme, Ahanotu disclosed that Abure had unequivocally announced that in the forthcoming 2027 presidential elections, the LP would only offer one presidential nomination form, explicitly designated for Peter Obi.

Ahanotu’s defense extended beyond mere rhetoric, as he raised poignant questions regarding the treatment Abure has endured, particularly citing an incident where Abure was arrested in Benin City, Edo State.

He questioned whether any other political party chairman in Nigeria had faced comparable levels of harassment, hinting at a possible agenda to discredit Abure and destabilise the LP.

The LP’s internal strife appears to have deeper roots, with Ahanotu alluding to political machinations dating back to the aftermath of the 2023 presidential election.

He suggested that vested interests, perhaps aligned with the political establishment, have sought to undermine the LP’s resurgence and the momentum of what he referred to as the “Obidient Movement.”

According to Ahanotu, these efforts stem from a fear that granting the LP space to operate independently could lead to its consolidation and bolster the influence of the “Obidient Movement,” thereby posing a formidable challenge to existing power structures.

He said, “Can any political party national chairman in Nigeria be molested the way Abure was molested? Let’s tell ourselves the truth. The political undertone has been there since our presidential election.

“There has been one fight instigated by people who don’t want the Labour Party to stand. And let me remind us: Abure said Labour Party in 2027 has only one presidential form, and that is for Peter Obi.

“The establishment felt that if they gave the Labour Party space, they would consolidate and the Obidient movement would produce a formidable movement.