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BREAKING: Christian Couple Arrested for Blasphemy in Lahore

In Lahore, Pakistan, a Christian couple has found themselves entangled in a deeply concerning situation, accused of committing blasphemy just weeks after the horrifying hate crimes that shook the world in Jaranwala.

Criticism has been directed at the security agencies for taking the Christian couple into custody following allegations of desecrating a copy of the Holy Quran in Lahore.

The incident allegedly occurred on a Saturday, as reported by Dawn. Taimur, a resident of Harbanspura, filed a complaint with the police, stating that he had been standing near the Rangers headquarters at a local food shop when he witnessed pages being thrown from the roof of a nearby house. These pages were later identified as belonging to the Holy Quran.

Subsequently, the North Cantonment police filed a blasphemy case against the couple, identifying them as Kiran and her husband Shaukat Masih. They are accused of desecrating the holy scripture, and the case has been registered under Section 295-b of the Pakistan Penal Code. SP Awais Shafique confirmed the arrest of both suspects, who are now awaiting legal proceedings, according to Dawn.

The situation has raised concerns among many, including Faraz Parvaiz, who was previously accused of blasphemy himself. He took to Twitter, expressing his worries about the safety of Christians in Pakistan. He highlighted the actions of the extremist group #TLP, which has been conducting rallies in Lahore, further alarming the Christian community. Parvaiz pointed out that a blasphemy case under Section 295B had been filed against the Christian couple, accusing them of tearing pages from the Quran.

Disturbingly, there has been a surge in false blasphemy accusations against Pakistan’s minority communities. In several instances, individuals have taken the law into their own hands, resorting to violent attacks on homes and places of worship.

According to reports from the DND news agency, a concerning pattern has emerged in Sargodha, Punjab province, where at least five complaints related to blasphemy accusations against Christians have been filed in the past three months.

The religious-political party, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), has been actively involved in an aggressive campaign surrounding these alleged blasphemy cases. This campaign has fueled suspicions against Christians and ignited protests demanding the arrest of the accused individuals.

Notably, August 16, 2023, marked a tragic day for the Christian community in Jaranwala. A horrific and devastating attack unfolded, resulting in the desecration of 24 churches, with some reduced to rubble. Hundreds of homes across 11 areas in the Faisalabad district were looted and set ablaze. This eruption of violence was triggered by baseless rumors and allegations of blasphemy targeting a Christian resident in Jaranwala’s Christian Town.