BREAKING: Conspiracy Theories Abound: Kassim Afegbua’s Unexpected Support For Dennis Idahosa Sparks Speculation(Photo)

In a recent development, leading APC gubernatorial contender, Rt Hon Dennis Idahosa, participated in an interactive session at the NUJ Correspondents Chapel in Benin City.

Surprisingly, another gubernatorial aspirant, Prince Kassim Afebua, made an appearance, demonstrating strong support for the young federal legislator.

The escalating developments in this situation have given rise to a multitude of conspiracy theories, intensifying speculations and discussions.

The focal point of intrigue is whether Kassim Afebua has unequivocally pledged his loyalty to the aspirations of Dennis Idahosa, a commitment that appears to be gaining significant momentum.

Kassim, recognized as a prominent figure in the political arena, holds a position of respect as a well-regarded party chieftain.

Upon close observation, it becomes apparent that Kassim is seamlessly aligned with the party’s strategic decision to narrow down the pool of aspirants to four.

Dennis Idahosa emerges as a prominent figure in this selection process, and indications strongly suggest that he is Kassim’s preferred choice.

The unfolding dynamics present a compelling narrative of political alignment and strategic support, heightening the intrigue surrounding the burgeoning alliance between Kassim Afebua and Dennis Idahosa.

While it’s possible that these discussions are merely speculative, I invite you to take a moment to examine the photo yourself and share your thoughts.