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BREAKING: Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Why He Rejected ₦15 Million Offering

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the esteemed founder and senior pastor, shared a compelling story of integrity and spiritual discernment, recounting his decision to reject a staggering ₦15 million offering from a congregant.

This was In a recent sermon titled “Living In The Blessing” delivered during the March 2024 Blessing Sunday service at Dunamis International Gospel Center.

During his sermon, he revealed the encounter with a benefactor who arrived at his office bearing a significant offering in foreign currency, equivalent to ₦15 million. However, instead of hastily accepting the generous donation, Pastor Enenche delved deeper, probing the individual’s spiritual well-being and relationship with God.

He said, “Somebody came to my office a few days ago, he brought an offering in foreign currency. You know that if it’s 10,000 dollars, that is already 15 million naira now. He said, “I brought this offering for you.”

Expressing his unwavering commitment to prioritizing matters of the soul over material gain, he refused to accept the offering until the congregant’s spiritual state was resolved. He emphasized the importance of authenticity and sincerity in matters of faith, asserting that genuine servants of God prioritize spiritual welfare over monetary contributions.

He then underscored the profound truth that walking in the covenant of supernatural provision entails a reciprocal blessing, wherein generosity begets abundance. He challenged believers to entrust their lives, finances, and destinies under the protective canopy of God’s covenant, emphasizing the necessity of faithfulness and obedience in stewardship.

“As stewards of God’s blessings, we must prioritize the condition of our souls above material prosperity,” Pastor Enenche proclaimed. “True abundance flows from a heart aligned with God’s will, not from the size of one’s offering.”

“In times of scarcity and plenty alike, the covenant of God remains our source of provision,” he continued. “Let us walk in faith, knowing that obedience to His commands brings forth blessings beyond measure.”