BREAKING: E Don Burst: Dan Orbih, Osezua, Philip Take Aim At Obaseki’s Jugular Over Delegates Election

The phrases “E Don Burst” and “E Don Cast” convey a sense of revelation, exposure, or a situation taking an unexpected turn. It suggests that something hidden or unforeseen has come to light, leading to a revelation that may not be favorable or in line with expectations.

The instability inside the PDP in Edo State exemplifies the expression “e don cast.” If this colloquial word were to appear in a dictionary, the image would most likely be of Godwin Obaseki.

Over the weekend, the PDP conducted its delegate elections across the wards to choose representatives for the upcoming gubernatorial primaries. However, the chairman of the committee, H.E. Seyi Makinde, stepped down from his position, alleging delegate manipulation. Enugu State Governor Mbah promptly assumed control, and the process proceeded as scheduled.

Nine aspirants labeled it a COMEDY and withdrew from the process out of the eleven contenders. Chief Dan Obi likened it to “Obaseki’s movie” starring Mbah. Furthermore, Anslem Ojezua, the former APC Edo State chairman, who stood by Obaseki throughout the APC conflict and defected with the Governor to the PDP, has also criticized the procedure, asserting that it was Obaseki’s election.

Anselm Ojezua made this claim during an interview on Channels Television. During the interview, Anslem Ojezua said, “what they conducted yesterday was Godwin Obaseki’s congress and not PDP congress. That process was either sold to him (Obaseki) by people in the National Working Committee.”

“In fact, I am aware that there are members of the national working committee who are actually shocked with what has happened in Edo State, and we are going to take it up. The sad part of it is that the illegality they have put in the process, PDP may not have a candidate in this coming election.”

Did you hear him ? Otilor, THE PARTY MAY HAVE NO CANDIDATE.

Rt Hon Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama, who stepped down for Obaseki, thereby enabling him to secure the PDP 2020 ticket, finds himself in a similar predicament. The “SAME SNAKE WEY BITE THE REST TAKE SAME TAIL FLOG AM”

Likewise, Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu, who mobilized a team to defend Obaseki, now faces EXTINCTION by the same Obaseki. Shaibu’s position is belittled, akin to a mere “tissue paper,” echoing the sentiments of Idi Amin Dada of Uganda.

Shaibu’s diminished status is evident by his lack of a press crew, and there’s a concern he may be reduced to traveling only with local vigilantes(it is that bad). Obaseki’s treatment has depreciated Shaibu’s importance to the extent that even a spare tire holds more value than the office of the deputy governor of Edo State.

Omosede Igbinedion, who stood firmly by Obaseki’s side, backed by the entire Igbinedion dynasty in support of his administration, now finds herself pushed to the reserve backstage .This clear shift indicates a lack of support from the PDP for Asue Ighodalo, whom they all assert is an outsider.

For instance on Social Media Asue Ighodalo is always refereed to as “25 Missed calls”, referring to someone as “missed calls” is a colloquial way of saying that the person is difficult to reach or hard to get in touch with.

The term likens the individual to missed phone calls, suggesting that attempts to connect with them are unsuccessful or that they are often unavailable. It can imply that the person is not easily accessible or is not responsive to communication attempts. This expression is often used humorously to convey the idea of someone being elusive or hard to reach.