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[BREAKING] “Ellu P”: 24 Hours After, Man Who Sang Song With Labour Party and Obi Gets 125k Followers on Instagram

Stephen Muoka, the Nigerian man who used Labour Party and Peter Obi’s name to sing a song, has become a celebrity
This is coming after the video recorded at a polling unit was reposted by Nigerian influencer, Tunde Ednut
As of 8 am on Monday, March 6, Muoka has gained 125k fans who now know him as the “Ellu P Boy”

The Nigerian man who created a song with Labour Party and Peter Obi’s name is now a celebrity

Stephen Muoka was first seen at a polling unit where he used LP and Obi to form a funny but rhythmic song.
Photos of a Stephen Muoka popularly called “Ellu P.”
Stephen Muoka sang Ellu P which has become a viral sensation at a polling unit.

During vote counting at his polling unit, Stephen kept shouting “Ellu P” while the rest of the voters responded with numbers.
Stephen Muoka goes viral after singing with Peter Obi’s name

The video went viral on TikTok and got many people talking about him and his passion for his candidate during the just concluded presidential elections.

The video made it to Instagram and was reposted by Nigerian influencer, Tunde Ednut.

Muoka has gained thousands of followers and has become a celebrity since the influencer reposted him.

A video showed when he was thanking his followers and Tunde Ednut.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from Instagram users

@uchennannanna said:

“This thing called GRACE. Anything that comes in contact with Peter Obi turns GOLD. NIGERIA WILL BE GOLDEN CITY SOON.”

@laughpillscomedy commented:

“Na Man you be, God bless mama wae Born you.”

@shashadonald said:

“Is his steady tooth pick in his mouth for me obinwanne.”

@03mediaceo said:

“Latest obidient influencer…. Obi’s grace will reach everyone.”

@talk2nedu commented:

“On behalf of the Elluu P family, we want to say a big congratulations to you bro.”

@slashazhandle said:

“At least this election favored someone in our own very eyes; in every situation the space of thanksgiving is always available.”