BREAKING: How Gaddafi And Mugabe’s Opinions Were Turned Down In The United Nations Meeting -Pastor Ibiyeomie

In a recent video on Facebook, Pastor David Ibiyeomie condemns the systemic injustice perpetuated by global poverty, branding it as a sin and an act of wickedness. Drawing from his observations of international forums such as the United Nations, Pastor Ibiyeomie highlights the marginalization of poor nations and the stark power differentials that exist on the global stage.

With fervent conviction, Pastor Ibiyeomie denounces the treatment of impoverished nations as mere observers in international forums, devoid of meaningful influence or agency. He recounts a striking example from a United Nations meeting where leaders from wealthy nations dominated the discourse, relegating representatives from poorer nations to the sidelines.

According to him, “Poverty is a sin, it’s wickedness. Can’t you see poor nations in the United Nations? Have you seen where they call these nations including your own? They just call them to observe, they don’t make any suggestions. There was a time during Gaddafi and the rest of them. That time Gaddafi was there, this late Zimbabwe man, Mugabe was there in the united nations meeting. They went and talked, talked big, big grammar. I will never forget, I was privileged to watch the United Nations. Gaddafi was racking, Mugabe was racking. After they finished talking, the American Ambassador to the United Nations just came up and said: “But we are here”. After he finished talking, the whole of African talk, they just pushed them aside. He said: “Well! We fund United Nations so we have the right to detect what should happen.