(BREAKING): “I also fu*ked your girl,” Donald Trump jr ADMITS having intimate relationship with Logan Paul’s fiance, Nina Agdal

Lately, dramas and internet altercations have been occurring frequently. Certain well-known personalities on the internet are garnering attention almost daily. Furthermore, Logan Paul, the WWE Superstar who was already generating nonstop news, has been doing so more frequently for a while now.

Furthermore, Logan Paul and his fiance are the constant victims of Dillon Danis‘ tomfoolery. However, this time, it’s the son of former US President Donald Trump Jr. who trolled Nina Agdal instead. However, it was later revealed to be the work of a hacker.

In October this year, Dillon Danis will face Logan Paul in his debut exhibition match in the Prime Card event. Since the announcement, the forthcoming match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has been the talk of the internet nonstop. Additionally, the two’s pre-match internet fight is consistently in the news each day. Almost every day, fans see Dillon insulting Logan Paul or his fiance, Nina, in a new way or another.

However, this time, the source of the insult is coming from Donald Trump Jr. instead. Trump Jr.’s official X handle had a now-deleted post that totally targeted and demeaned Nina Agdal!

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Donald Trump Jr. admits having intimate relations with Nina Agdal

On Wednesday, it seemed that someone had hacked Donald Trump Jr.’s account on the social media platform X. The hacker published a number of false tweets on his X account. The user made a series of now-deleted messages in which it claimed Trump Jr.’s father had passed away and also called President Joe Biden a racial slur. The page, which has 10 million followers, removed the postings less than an hour later. Moreover, the hacker even made a tweet on Logan Paul’s fiance, Nina Agdal.
“I also fu*ked your girl,” Donald Trump jr ADMITS having intimate relationship with Logan Paul’s fiance, Nina Agdal
Donald Trump Jr. (credits: NBC News)

Trump Jr. added a tweet regarding Nina Agdal tagging Logan Paul on his official X handle. However, he later removed the tweet and announced that someone had hacked him and he had no relation to the tweets made!

The deleted tweet said:

“I also f*cked you girl, btw @loganpaul!”

The constant barrage of attacks against Logan Paul and Nina doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Moreover, with all the insults, Nina is now suing Dillon Danis before the October match. However, despite all this, the MMA fighter and the entire Internet community don’t seem to have any notion of stopping anytime soon!.

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