BREAKING: “I wish men were just more vulnerable; women appreciate that” – Beverly Naya

Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya has asserted that she wishes for men can exhibit more vulnerability as it is a trait that women appreciate so much.

While speaking with her colleague Efa Iwara, the actress stated that women appreciate men who are more connected with their emotions and vulnerable.

She believes that a man is truly in love with a woman when he exhibits unexplainable vulnerability towards her.

Beverly expressed her desire for men to be more vulnerable without feeling judged or embarrassed for it.

She added that men, especially Nigerian men are conditioned to perceive vulnerability as a weakness and wishes that could change because she doesn’t agree with it.

Check out some netizens reactions…

themagic_hands_ noted: “Well, men are actually more in touch with their emotions. They just don’t show it cos they feel it makes them look weak and they may end up showing it to a woman who will mock them for it.”

orielfreda stated: “They feel it’s them loosing their masculinity. It’s giving being too guarded to avoid hurt”

dc_prince85 asserts: “A woman who doesn’t appreciate you as a Man will mock you or call you Weak.”