BREAKING: If Abraham Had Got No Ishmael, The World Would Have Got No Children Troubling Us Today- According to Bamiloye

Christian filmmaker and preacher Mike Bamiloye recently posted on Facebook, emphasizing the need for patience in fulfilling God’s promises and warning against impatience and haste, which might have unfavorable consequences. Bamiloye emphasized that people must learn to wait patiently while they wait for God’s promises to come to pass. He compared impatience to the genealogy of Abraham and Hagar’s son Ishmael, highlighting the fact that hurrying beyond God’s will can have dire long-term effects.

According to him, “You have to add to your virtue, Much Patience, if you desire to inherit the fulfillment of whatever Promises The Lord has made to you. Your hastiness and impatience will produce for you, Ishmael, the seed of a bond-woman, while God was patiently working for you a Covenant Child: Isaac. Ishmael produces long-term pain and tears for future generations. Imagine, if Abraham had got no Ishmael, the world would have got no “Children of the Bond-Woman” troubling us today, to contend with. Can you imagine the long-term pain your impatience could cost you and all around you including your children?”

Reflecting on the biblical narrative, Bamiloye urged individuals to consider the implications of their impatience, emphasizing that Ishmael’s descendants continue to bring trouble to the world. He emphasized the importance of trusting in God’s timing and remaining patient while awaiting the fulfillment of His promises. Furthermore, Bamiloye encouraged individuals to envision the long-term consequences of their actions, particularly the pain and challenges that impatience can bring to themselves and future generations. He urged listeners to learn from Abraham’s story and avoid rushing ahead of God’s plans.