BREAKING: If South East works, Nigeria works, some people describe Igbo as the Nigerian Jews

The Vice President of Nigeria, Kashim Shettima, is quoted in the Sun report as praising the “strategic collaboration” between the Niger Delta Power Holding Company and its clients and stressing the significance of supplying electricity to the southeast states of Nigeria in order to stimulate economic growth and generate employment. He highlights the ambition and desire of the people in the South East by referring to them as “an industrial powerhouse” and “the hope of the nation”.

He said, “I am pleased to witness the second launch of this strategic collaboration between the Niger Delta Power Holding Company and its invaluable customers. We are gathered here to embark on a strategic journey for the light-up Nigeria in the Southeastern states. This marks the renewal of hope for investors and industrialists. This is not a ribbon-cutting charade, this is a calculated endeavor to re-engineer our economy.

The South East is an industrial powerhouse, and its economic fortunes remain a critical aspect of President Bola Tinubu’s administration. The South East has over 35 million people. If the South East works, Nigeria works. Some people describe the Igbo as the Nigerian Jews; geographically mobile, economically enterprising, and educationally ambitious. You have the hope of the nation right in our midst. The hope of the nation rests with Ndigbo.”