BREAKING: If you lose 1 good man, You will be used & played by at least 10 men before you can find his replacement – El Lizato

According to Ghanaian media personality, El Lizato, If a woman loses a good man in a relationship, chances are that at least ten men will sleep with her before she finds an equally good man like the one he lost.

El Lizato advised young women to be careful and protect their relationship with good men as the situation is not similar on the other end. He noted that on the other end, for a man to lose a good woman, the chances of finding another good woman are higher.


“Dear Queens……

If you lose 1 good man, You will be used and played by at least 10 men before you can find his replacement.

Ladies be warned!!

Itis much easier to replace a woman with another good woman than it is to replace one good man.

Many women out there are willing to change, mend their ways and become a good girl under the right conditions.

Women tend to grow bored and outgrow certain lifestyle choices and attitudes overtime. She can just outgrow it.

Age and time factor alone can force a woman fix up. Not to mention parental pressure and societal expectations.

Even the worst g|rls can change overnight. Even your baddie friend can suddenly become wife material in doings.

But you see men? Coconut heads!

Men are only concerned with being a Hero in one woman’s story, and to the rest of the bunch, they don’t mind being the villain.

So when you carelessly lose 1 good man,

Atleast 10 heroes and villains will team up and finish you before you find another good man, that’s if you’re lucky.

HOLD YOUR GOOD MAN TIGHT because he can replace you with a good woman faster than you can replace him with a good man……

If u like keep dating 2 to 5guys and be arguing rubbish…. telling yourself don’t keep ur eggs in one basket Na When u reach 35 and still unmarried your eyes go clear…..

Keep telling yourself all men are the same u hear??”.