BREAKING: Is Oshiomhole Contesting Edo 2024 Gubernatorial election?

I have watch with amazement, how some persons jubilate the outcome of the 22nd February 2024 gubernatorial primaries of the All Progressive Congress APC wherein Senator Monday Okpebholo emerge as the winner of that controversial primaries.

What really makes the jubilation interesting and worrying is that the various jubilant have in common what I described as ” Since I cannot have it, you will not get it ” syndrome. They jubilate in droves because their candidate did not get it from the the outcome of the previous primaries of 17th February, 2024 and now another winner has emerged, it is like a tale of enemy of my enemy becoming my friend.

They also have in common, the Oshiomhole topic of dethronement. The jubilation was not that Sen Monday Okpebholo won, it was about yes, Ize-Iyamu has defeated Oshiomhole. As someone will write on Facebook that Oshiomhole was beaten with 2 by 2 and whipped with Oriamo cord by POI aka Kpelebe. Another writer would post that Ize-Iyamu is called Kpelebe for a reason and Jarrett Tenebe is called Emperor for a reason. Several writers engaged each other justifying why Oshiomhole should be removed from being an APC Leader in Edo State. Just one man be executed on the altar of jealousy.

Jarret Tenebe, the current acting Chairman of APC in Edo State could go as far as issuing a warning to Oshiomhole, Hon Dennis and Comrade Tony Kabaka. This warning reminds me of the words of Governor Godwin Obaseki in late 2019 in the build up to 2020 election where he said ” We are warning the Suspended APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole….” and what follows was some barbaric attacks, orchestrated protest and so on to discredit him . Jarret is using the same playbook now against Oshiomhole in another round of Governorship Election coming and the question is why?

Why target a man so much simply because he has potentials and not easily swayed by bribery or intimidation. If Oshiomhole promise you A, he will deliver you an A or he died trying to deliver it to you. He stood with POI in 2020 and even to a point of kneeling before the Benin Traditional rulers to beg for support and votes while also apologizing for what the Governor has done to the people that once gave him their support including the Traditional Institutions. He went all out campaigning for IZE-IYAMU who could refuse him a raise of hand at campaign functions. He will always do his best and someone will find it offensive that he does what he does best for those he chooses to do such for. Wonderful !

Oshiomhole supported a young person Hon Dennis Idahosa, a two term Member of House of Representatives and a Former Commissioner during his administration as Governor of Edo State. Dennis is from the Edo South and his candidacy is appealing to the young champs of Edo State. Between 17th when he was first declared winner till 22nd when another primaries results was read, his house was playing host to both young and old even from opposition parties. Everyone knew that Oshiomhole and many others who queued behind him on that faithful day, did not make a mistake. The calculation was precise and apt with a winning target of 75-80%. Since 22nd when another candidate was announced, the only place where parties and celebration is taking place is Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu house in GRA Benin. The celebration is not about the candidate Sen Monday Okpebholo but about Ize-Iyamu dislodging Oshiomhole in Edo Politics.

The hawks are all out to catch him and extinguish him while the people he was helped urge them on and became an enabler of evil orchestrated against their friend, ally and kinsman. Why always pursue Oshiomhole or trying to teach him a political lesson ? They removed him as National Chairman of APC using his own brothers because he would help Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu win his primaries easily. Now they ganged up against him using once again his brother because of 2027 election that has not come.

The funniest thing is that the President for whom he was once removed is looking away now as he is being humiliated once again. Oshiomhole is not on the ballot for 2024 gubernatorial. Hon Dennis Idahosa had his support just same way he had the support of Osaro, Osazuwa, Emike and Oseghale of Edo State. Why you think Oshiomhole do not need to have a choice is as ridiculous as saying Wike should not have a choice in Rivers Governorship race or Akpabio should not have a say in selecting who fly the party flag in Akwa-Ibom.

APC cannot win 2024 gubernatorial in Edo State without following the strategic decision of 17th. The spirit behind that movement is strong and it is a winning one. Oshiomhole is not on the ballot, he just had a choice as a party man. Do not kill him, Edo North is proud of him and he has nothing to drag with anyone.