BREAKING: Is this how Liverpool wantsant to win the Premier League?

Liverpool football club are quite the enigma, aren’t they?

Just when the chips are down and the world has written them off, they turn the tides around and leave the world talking. It happened against Barcelona in the famous Anfield massacre of Lionel Messi and crew after trailing 3-0 at the Camp Nou on May 7, 2019. The infamous Miracle of Merseyside they would call it. The night Liverpool once more showed the world never to write them off, in anything.

A lot of people called it luck. Some say it is due to Barcelona being bad on the night. Instances were brought about why same Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp could not do it against Real Madrid or on some other nights.

Luck, miracle, fate, either one people choose to call it, engineering comebacks, creating a win out of and from nothing is what Liverpool have been known for and possibly will continue doing in Klopp’s final season with the club and perhaps, after the old man is long gone. But is this how the mighty Reds want to win the league? Can they go on to win the league just by sheer mentality and resilience? What exactly is Jurgen Klopp telling this team that magic and moments are created out of thin air?

Saturday, against Nottingham Forest, at minute 99 was when vintage Liverpool surfaced once more to rescue all 3-points at the City Ground; an infamous ground that the Reds had gone 40-years without securing a premier league/first division win at.

From out of nothing, Alexis Mac Alister crafted an assist for Darwin Nunez to head free on goal to secure a 0-1 win back to Merseyside. Again, all chips were down, Liverpool rivals; Arsenal and Manchester City were high on their seat, elated that the Reds would drop points to allow them a chance at the top of the table this weekend. But alas, the ‘shit Andy Carroll’ that premier league rival clubs call Nunez, came to the vanguard to crush the ‘enemies’ hopes.